Inspectorate of Electricity

Department of Power




Inspectorate of Electricity, under the Power Department, Government of Assam is a Directorate Level establishment with the Chief Electrical Inspector-cum-Adviser as the Head of the Directorate.
The Inspectorate is located at Pub-Sarania Road, Guwahati-3.
The objective of the Inspectorate of Electricity is to implement and administer the following Acts, Rules and Regulations:

  • Certain provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003 and the Central Electricity Authority (Measures Relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulation 2010, made under the Act;

  • Certain provisions of the Assam Cinema (Regulation) Rules, 1960;
  • The Assam Electrical Licensing Board Regulations, 1992;
  • The Assam Lifts and Escalators Act 2006 and Rules made there under.
  • The Government designated the Chief Electrical Inspector -cum- Adviser, Assam as the State Designated Agency (SDA) to co-ordinate, regulate and enforce provisions of the Energy Conservation Act 2001 within the State of Assam

The Chief Electrical Inspector -cum- Adviser, Assam has certain Advisory functions as well, such as technical scrutiny and forwarding of proposals for load sanction (above 1000 KW) received from the Electricity Board to the Govt., as required under the Assam Electrical Energy (Regulation and Supply) order, 1977. The Chief Electrical Inspector-cum-Adviser may required to give technical opinion/advice in matters related to Electricity Act and Rules or any other matter connected with generation, transmission and/or utilization of electricity as may be referred by the State Govt.

The Inspectorate of Electricity has jurisdiction throughout the State, excluding the works belonging to Defence, Railways and Central Government installations.

The Inspectorate of Electricity has four zonal offices situated at Tezpur, Silchar, Jorhat and Dibrugarh, each of which is headed by one Senior Electrical Inspectors